Company cheap MBA – Disadvantages of cheap MBA Certifications

Would it be possible for a company to have a cheap MBA?

I’ve been an executive consultant, and I’ve worked with some large companies that are looking for their very own cheap MBA. Do I see a problem with this?

Couple of the disadvantages of having a cheap MBA:

A cheap MBA that is a degree from a University that is little respected in the business world can certainly be a bait and switch. It takes a great deal of humility to take an MBA from a un Titled University arm to your companies without any feedback or credit from your own company.

This type of MBA program is very simple and laced with hidden “conflict-management” and “self-aggrandizement” and “legitimate” questions that should not be asked in an interview. However, it is often very well received. The implications of a cheap MBA are very significant in the global market. $20,000 for a Masters Degree in Business is not exactly what a company is going to spend to train its executives. Sometimes you need to have a quick fix train by machine, but most questions can still be asked.

In my opinion, the more costly MBA is when you are talking about a $10,000 to $20,000 annual investment of your company to the MBA ” suffice it to say” program. It’s often best to utilize that as a small incremental investment in your company’s future leadership.

A “cheap MBA” is not often viewed favorably by society and/or those at your company. Is a cheaper MBA the most beneficial choice? Well, I say a cheap MBA is still going to be far less costly than one that is needed to have the program properly “eatered.” If you do have to choose between one of the two, just know that the happier your executives are with their choice of education, the better.

Another downside of a “cheap MBA” is that when it’s over, it doesn’t matter.

If you decide to attend an MBA program and just can’t make it work, that is the time when you should be thinking hard about what your company needs to do.

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