Job Search and the Seeking of a New Job — How a Different Marketing Strategy Will View the Job Search

If you haven’t already, you most likely are thinking about if and how you are going to carry out a comprehensive search in the search of your new job. Are you looking for a specialized type of job (such as a Web designer or database administrator)? Do you want to apply (or do you want to ad out your resume? Do you have questions about the process of job application)? Or are you in a hurry, or do you have to have a more revamped approach?

These are all questions you want to have an answer to when it comes time to expand your search effort. In this article, I would like to detail a new technique for doing your search. I want to emphasize here that it won’t work for finding a spouse, or friends. With this new technique, I am only going to focus on a technique for finding a new job, not a ” Scheme Meeting” or “College Dial Game”.

This new search strategy shows the same method of finding new employment, but with a focus on a new market that would be interesting to work in.

The primary target for this approach is the IT industry.

Several factors make this market attractive

  • 40 to 50% growth within the next 3-5 years
  • The hiring rates are going higher.
  • The hiring process is changing as to the way it is completed.
  • Companies using offshore resources have many employees, both college and specialist, for hundreds of different applications.
  • There are up to 300 companies listed as public members.

It is interesting to note that these companies are listed by only 8A members and have very few positions available. And their competition is keen.

For you to be successful in this market, you will have to have both a marketable skill and a current need to fill that skill. The ability to network as much as possible is key to finding this market.

Here are the steps

1. Start researching the IT industry. Start by looking at company lists and job postings on job boards and in newspapers. Look at your resume all you can find and consider applying for jobs no matter where they are posted.

2. Check out your local college and find out if they have any available courses. Any company you might like to work for, check out if any local IT courses are available. Or if there are any companies in your near or even a nearby city that are hiring.

3. Check out the article submission site on the Internet. Also, check out your local newspapers and other publications. As you read these articles, keep these concepts in mind:

  • If you are in the top 8, they have to be good. I am sure you would say great writing, the same holds for you.
  • If you have not been a published author before, consider doing a short bunch of articles until you become a published author, and then submit them to one or two of the major article submission sites on the Internet
  • I have not personally filled out an article, but it could be quite fun.
  • The submission site will charge a fee for accepting your article, but you have nothing to lose by taking a few hours to write a 25-50 word article and submit it.

4. Once you have agreed to submit your article, the next step is to make a cover letter for each individual that you submit it to. This cover letter is your sales letter, your introduction. Owners’ hands want to know who you at your current employees are, the availability of the job, their guarantee of payment, and working time.

5. Once you have completed your article and your thank you letter, be sure to contact the company you are interested in working for today. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, even your favorite “Know-it-all” blog on the Internet and company offices, remember to be professional.

Many companies are posting their job openings, and the rest of the world will eventually see you and hire you if you deserve to be called for a market interview. Good luck, and do not stop until it’s time to prepare an application.

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