Tech Skills You Can Learn If You Want To Change Careers

Career changers are becoming a thing, and many people are making the leap as late as in their 50s. It is normal to want a more fulfilling job or just something that doesn’t make you miserable on a daily basis.  

Or maybe you want to have a more flexible career for a more relaxed lifestyle. Either way, learning tech skills is an excellent choice if you’re going to change careers, and here are a few of the most popular ones. 

Data Analyst

Data analysts, as the name suggests, work with data to get powerful insight from it. Their primary responsibilities include gathering and organizing the information in a way that will be easy to reach conclusions. Data has become a currency for many companies, and sometimes they may receive more revenue from it than the actual service they provide. 

That’s why, no matter the industry, data analysts are coveted professionals for many companies. Part of their skills also must include the ability to present results that companies can use to make decisions. This skill is an excellent choice for a career changer, especially if they have a background in finance and are used to deal with data.

To learn how to be a data analyst, you can enroll in Thinkful’s coding bootcamp for data analytics. They offer an extensive curriculum, and students can choose between part-time and full-time formats. It is a good option if you are a career changer because you will graduate in as short as 16 weeks and be ready for the industry. 

Web Developer 

Web developers design, build, deploy, and maintain websites for other companies. They can have specialties like front or back end development and web design. Their responsibilities include the website’s interface and performance and creating animations and applications to improve the experience. 

They also have to have communication and collaboration skills because they have to always work with clients and understand what they want. Plus, they work with other professionals like designers and content writers to finish the websites. Their job doesn’t end when the website is created; they have to make sure it continues to work correctly and make improvements. 

That’s why web development is one of the most popular career choices in tech. The best web development courses teach you all the necessary skills like HTML, JavaScript, and React. They also leave you with an excellent portfolio that will help you find a job in the industry. They even offer financing options if you don’t have the money upfront to pay for the course. 

UX/UI Designer

User experience and user interface designers are the ones that create the face of any website, program, and mobile application we see today. They have an essential job in the development process of digital products and continuously work with different departments in what it is the development process. 

They can specialize in three areas: user researchers, who focus on understanding the user and how they use a product to know how to improve it; user designers, the ones who create how an interface will look like; and product designers, who make sure a product will enhance the experience of the user. 

When a website, application, or program feels friendly and intuitive, and you can figure out how to use it in a couple of hours at most, it means the UX/UI designer is doing a good job. UX/UI designers are highly sought after professionals because of their ability to put themselves in the place of the user. They know what the user wants before they ask for it; the better the experience, the more likely the user is to come back. 

UX/UI design is an excellent career choice if you are a career changer, especially with a creative career background. Many graphic designers choose this career because it is a smooth change that doesn’t require much training. In case you want to hone your skillset and be ready for the next job, you can take a coding bootcamp that only lasts a few months. 

Software Engineer

Software engineers develop systems and software for other companies. This is one of the broadest careers in technology. A software engineer can build anything from a game or mobile app to cloud servers and operating systems. They can even specialize in data science and Blockchain because they have the necessary skills, like programming languages and logical thinking.

These professionals are always in high demand, and they can work in many industries, not just in tech. Also, with their extensive knowledge, they can be full stack developers, who are rare in the field. Many companies look for software engineers with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options; software engineers from coding bootcamps are becoming more common. 

An excellent choice is App Academy’s full stack software development course. The school offers the course for free, and anyone can access it. You will learn at your own pace and gain all the skills needed to become a software developer. Then, you will be able to apply for internships or even full-time jobs if you gain enough experience on your own. 

Cybersecurity Expert

Cybersecurity professionals are experts in creating software to protect systems and networks. They are experts on testing a network security system and on constantly simulating attacks to find holes in the system. Cybersecurity has become a need at all levels of business, from user privacy to protecting the company’s data—everything can be a target for hackers. 

The cybersecurity career is also a great choice because, with the further digitalization of our world, the need for digital security will only increase. If you had a previous career where you develop skills like problem-solving, attention to detail, and information management, then the transitions will go smoothly. 

In Summary

Learning a tech skill is one of the first choices for career changers. They are well-paid and are easy to learn, particularly with new education options like coding bootcamps. You can learn data analysis, web development, cybersecurity, software engineering, and UX/UI design and will almost ensure your career path in the next decade.

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